The Green Heart Festival

By Kids For Kids

Agriculture + Art + Entrepreneurship 

The Countdown Begins

Saturday, September 24th, 2022 | 4pm - 7:30pm


The Green Heart Festival will be held in the City of South Fulton, Georgia on Saturday, September 24th, 2022 from 4pm - 7pm!


Kid-preneur vendors, performers, influencers, and artists will be lining the Southwest Arts Center bringing their amazing products and services to the community!


If you’re interested in having your kid-preneur participate, click on the link below to register! The deadline is August 24th!


Why a Festival?
Why all Kidpreneurs?

The Green Heart Festival was conceived by Georgia's youngest certified farmer being asked "What would you like to do for the anniversary of your proclamation?". After receiving her non-profit organization status earlier this year, Kendall Rae Johnson wanted to present a festival for her anniversary celebration to meet new friends who are just like her. #kidpreneurs 

In honor of this achievement, she wants to give the same opportunities to other kids and teens to present their businesses, talents and dreams out loud and proud.

The festival is just what it is. A gathering of cool minded humans wanting to sell their products, present their service, learn about agriculture and have a good time together.

Kids like Kendall Rae, all over Georgia and beyond deserve a space to gain, grow and give. Also invite the community to support kidpreneurs in a major way.


Support A Kidpreneur

Support a kidpreneur for City of South Fulton first event that is presented by a kidpreneur for all kidpreneurs. Including up to fifty (50) kidpreneur vendors, Live healthy cooking demonstrations, kid owned food trucks, kid owned play and learn stations, kid performers, and prominent kid, youth and teen influencers, 


Be apart of something new for the youth to really shine in a safe space.


we appreciate any in-kind and monetary donations from our neighboring businesses, corporations, foundations and families to offset the expenses of making sure kids have the best of time ever.

All checks, money orders can be sent to 

2925 Fairburn Road SW Atlanta, Georgia 30331

or ZELLE, Cashapp, and Paypal. Please contact us  here.

Meet Our
Kidpreneurs & Kid Talents


Play with your Food & History Authors

  • McKenzieandMorgan #TheGreenHeartFestival

Ashanti Bougie

  • Ashanti Boujee #thegreenheartfestival
Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 3.21.30 PM.png

SUSU'S Lemonade Crush

  • SUSU's Lemonade Crush #TheGreenHeartFestival
Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 3.33.02 PM.png

Chef Karter

  • Chef Karter #TheGreenHeartFestival
Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 3.53.45 PM.png


  • Myles Minishotta #thegreenheartfestival

 Promo Flyer  | Bio


Lovely Babies Reign

  • Lovely Babies Reign #TheGreenHeartFestival
#thegreenheartfestival #zoebeautee

Zoe Beautee Little Readers Collection

  • Kendall Smothers #TheGreenHeartFestival
Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 3.26.20 PM.png

Different is the new Cool!

  • Different Is The New Cool #TheGreenHeartFestival
Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 3.23.53 PM.png

Blankies 4 My Buddies

  • Blankies For My Buddies #TheGreenHeartFestival
Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 3.27.07 PM.png

Dynasty's Bath Bar

  • Destiny's Bath Bar #TheGreenHeartFestival
Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 3.30.33 PM.png

My Bros Dj

  • My Bros DJ #TheGreenHeartFestival

Crystal Galaxy Lemonade


DJ Haylibug Lemonadez Law

  • DJ Haylibug #TheGreenHeartFestival

Brookylnn's Balloon Bouquets

  • BKBalloon by Brooklyn #TheGreenHeartFestival
Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 10.21.33 PM.png

Paris Place LLC

  • Paris Place LLC #TheGreenHeartFestival

Egun Omode Performing Arts Collective

  • Egun Omode Performing Arts Collective #TheGreenHeartFestival
Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 3.53.40 PM.png

The Eveyon Annette Collection

  • The Eveyon Annette Collection #TheGreenHeartFestival

LaTienne by Teren

  • LaTienne by Teren #TheGreenHeartFestival
Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 9.48.52 PM.png

Destiny's Baking Like Crazy

  • Chef Destiny Bakes #TheGreenHeartFestival
Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 3.36.31 PM.png

Little Ladies Lemonade

  • Little Ladies Lemonades #TheGreenHeartFestival
B06D6E4A-F835-4663-8645-F3D5A737FDB6 (1).jpeg

Jump -A-Zon

  • Jump-A-Zon

 Promo Flyer | Bio 


Miss Ji Arts

  • Miss Ji Arts #TheGreenHeartFestival

Blessed Skin By Elle

  • Blessedskinbyelle #TheGreenHeartFestival

Navali & Nuri
Same Face Different Girl

  • Navali & Nuri #TheGreenHeartFestival

 Promo Flyer  | Bio

KolinsLittlelife #thegreenheartfestival #thegreenheartfest.png

Kollin R. Matthews

  • kollins little life #TheGreenHeartFestival

B & B Creative Works

  • Braniyah Ferrell #TheGreenHeartFestival
#thegreenheartfestival #marquisweets.jpeg

Marquis Sweets

  • Marquis Sweets #TheGreenHeartFestival

 Promo Flyer  | Bio


Go Rosie Grow

  • #thegreenheartfestiva Go Rosie Grow
Screenshot 2022-09-20 at 2.30.47 PM.JPEG

Najm Muhammad

  • Najm #thegreenheartfestival
#thegreenheartfestival #naceur.png


  • The Real Naceur #TheGreenHeartFestival

 Promo Flyer  | Bio

XPNSV #thegreenheartfestival.png


  • #thegreenheartfestival XPNSV
Eriel -Evolving Designs - Nativa.jpg

Nativa | Evolving Designs

  • Nativa Evolving Designs #thegreenheartfestival
Prettyladyvae #thegreenheartfestival.jpg

Pretty Lady Vae

  • Prettty Lady Vae #TheGreenHeartFestival

T & T Vegetables 🍅 🌽 

  • T & T Vegetables #thegreenheartfestival

Rose Beauty Bubbles

  • Prettty Lady Vae #TheGreenHeartFestival
Harmoni Healing Stones.png

Harmoni's Healing Stones

  • Harmoni Healing Stones #TheGreenHeartFestival

Sabina's Sweet Shop

  • Instagram
Kerrinton & Navaeh #thegreenheartfestival.heic

Kerrington & Nevaeh

  • aGROWKulture Urban Farm #TheGreenHeartFestival

Kendall Rae Johnson
The youngest certified farmer in Georgia.

  • aGROWKulture Urban Farm #TheGreenHeartFestival

Anaïa Louis-Mard
The youngest Haitian environmental steward and laudato si’ ambassador.

  • Anaïa Louis-Mard #thegreenheartestival

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