Urban Gardening Works !

Urban Gardening Works !

Urban Gardening works is a program under our Gain, Grow, Give™ (3G's) initiative that speaks to how gardening can be therapeutic and integrated with arts, music, and literacy to get kids learning about plants, water conservation, soil and pollinators.

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  • Gain knowledge in researching our soil, share the findings, and how can we use the information help make sure that we are responsible land stewards while we grow.

  • Grow produce to market with neighboring growers and create youthful stories on how growing helps our community fight food deserts.

  • Give creative one-of-a-kind garden workshops where arts and agriculture are integrated. This program will be a fun way to paint, dance and sing about pollinators, water, soil, fruits and vegetables.


The program is designed for all kids ages Pre-K to 5th grade and promotes its program being a site for positive social emotional space where ever it goes.

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